Thursday, December 22, 2016

Coconut Jumbles, Here I come!

I love coconut, especially the unsweetened variety. I love coconut milk, and am now experimenting with coconut butter in the kitchen.

Coconut adds texture and crunch to oatmeal. My kid's favorite is "Cookie Dough Oatmeal." I take a package of McDougall's instant and prepare it according to directions, then add whipped chocolate peanut butter, raisins, coconut shreds, cinnamon, and occasionally, sprinkles. It's a go-to hot, fast meal on cold mornings.

Coconut milk adds an authentic flavor to Carribean rice dishes. I just substitute coconut milk 1:1 for filtered water in the cook pot. Yum. Top with Cuban Black Beans and add a side of kale, and you're sitting portside in the Islands.

Always, coconut is a staple in my kitchen. Right now, it's Christmas, and I'm looking forward to Coconut Jumbles. At Easter, it will be my mother's coconut cake that gets the attention.

Speaking of attention, I like my friend Stephanie's book on Coconut as a superfood. As a fan of all things coconut, I'll be tracking the best of her coconut tips and hints and keeping track of those right here.
If you're Nuts4Coconut, feel free to add your own ideas to this space.

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